Windsor City Hall – TECWall On Wood Structure

After the Hard Surface Award of our TECWall system on steel structure in 2016 and on concrete substrate in 2018, Sunnywei keeps broadening the TECWall application on wooden structure.  This is a high-end feature wall of marble panels in the Council Chamber for New Windsor City Hall.  It is also the first time application of…

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Imperial Plazza – TECWall On Concrete Substrate

Three kinds of 30mm thick granite materials are installed as wall panels and ceillings in project at St. Clair West, Toronto, The features technique is Sunnywei’s 2nd generation of TECWall system, Our fist generation system got the Hard Surface Award in 2016. The 2nd generation TECWall system can be used not only for installation of…

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The Ritz-Carlton

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