TECWall Cladding System - Facade Engineering Developed By Sunnywei

Patents In US And Canada

  • TECWall is a patent system in US and Canada
  • TTMAC Awarded system in 2016 and 2018
  • A better substitution for ASTM C1242 recommended methods
  • Can be applied for thin panels
  • Can be easily used for soffit installation (flat or sloped)
  • Make installation to be possible all year round
  • SGI has the capability in stone & porcelain cladding design
  • Commonly used anchors are recommended by ASTM C1242
  • SGI’s TECWALL system is an innovative installation method to greatly improve the quality and save overall cost
  • SGI can provide design, engineering and fabrication
  • SGI can provide site survey and installation service

Engineering / Design (2D & 3D Layouts , Details Design And FEA Analysys)

We provide top-quality professional engineering designs and analysis based on your cladding requests. Our professional engineers are capable of aiding you in designing and creating projects for both personal and commercial use. Our focus is to provide top of the line engineering services to you along with top tier quality of our products. Our engineering services include :

  • Architectural drawings study and material takeoffs
  • Engineering calculations and FEA analysis
  • 3D modeling design, 2D and 3D engineering drawings
  • Shop drawings and cutting tickets

TECWall On Concrete Substrate

Three kinds of 30mm thick granite materials are installed as wall panels and ceillings in project at St. Clair West, Toronto, The features technique is Sunnywei’s 2nd generation of TECWall system, Our fist generation system got the Hard Surface Award in 2016.

The 2nd generation TECWall system can be used not only for installation of wall panel but also the hanging of stone ceiling. It provides a new method to install stone ceiling in a quick and reliable way; The embedded hanging clip on the back side of stone panel was an integrated piece in Sunnywei’s 1st generation TECWall system, but 2nd generation is a two-piece design, namely, embedded anchor with threaded bolt holes and hanging clip .

The 2nd generation TECWall system is granted the patent in US and Canada, It shows that Sunnywei’s capability in continuousimprovement of system design, and the variety of applications provided by a single product in real project, which demonstrates the true meaning of design innovation.

St Clair

TECWall On Structrual Steels

Besides concrete substrate and wood structures, TECWall could be easily applied on existing structural steels or designed steel supports.  The first generation system has been successfully installed on the existing structural steels of Cinergy Medical Building, With our accurate design, stone panels and steel frames was connected perfectly.

TECWall On Wood Structure

After the Hard Surface Award of our TECWall system on steel structure in 2016 and on concrete substrate in 2018, Sunnywei keeps broadening the TECWall application on wooden structure.  This is a high-end feature wall of marble panels in the Council Chamber for New Windsor City Hall.  It is also the first time application of Sunnywei’s TECWall system in the public sector project.


TECWall - 2016 And 2018 TTMAC Hardsurface Awards

TECWall is an award-winning system, the first generation system got award in 2016 and the second generation was awarded in 2018 for its more flexible design.